How Can I Help?

Thank you for wanting to donate! The kitties are always grateful as are we!

Ways you can help

1. Donate time by volunteering
2. Donate items from our wishlist
3. Participate in one of our fundraisers
4. Help kitties get adopted by becoming a sponsor!
5. Help us cover our unexpected medical expenses by contributing to our emergency fund.

Sponsor a Pet

By sponsoring a pet you can keep them happy and healthy while they find a permanent home. You, your family, friends, or coworkers can choose an animal who is eligible to be sponsored and then decide how much you would like to donate and for how long. You will recieve updates on your pet’s status until they find a new home.

Donate to the Emergency Fund

On occasion our rescues are extremely ill and require extensive medical attention. This fund ensures we have the means to provide the essential medical care our rescues need.